24 September 2013

The FBI, according to NBC's new show "The Blacklist"

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An FBI Most Wanted character (played rather dryly by the great James Spader) turns himself in to FBI HQ, wherein he is immediately detained at an apparently secret FBI "blacksite" that they refer to as "The Post Office" in what appears to be a Hypercube cell, strapped to what must be the most ergonomic restraint seat known to man they probably call "The Comfy Chair" one presumes. The FBI then implants an "alpha chip RFID" tracking tag in his shoulder, subcutaneously, then they beat, stab, threaten to kill, and then shoot suspects dead for pulling out heart medication.

Are we really allowing the FBI to do these sorts of things? Blacksites? Injections? Torture? Shoot first, ask questions later? I should think not.

Even if these are the baddest of the baddies we're talking about, and NBC makes a good case that they are, I mean just look at his face, all scarred and full of puss. That's clearly why he's kidnapped a General's cute little 5-yr-old ballerina daughter, strapped a chemical weapon to her and put her out in the Zoo to timer-detonate in under three minutes. Can it get more brutal? can it be more violent?

It's as though they're competing for a prize for the show that violates the most civil liberties at once. It's like they're saying that the show "24" was for lefties, who wanted to watch a show about nancy pants rent-a-cops unwilling to "do whatever it takes" regardless of the means.

It is my sneaking suspicion that the ever increasing violence on mainstream media is to make us think it's normal. This one in particular, The Blacklist, is meant to accustom viewers, subconciously, to the ever-increasing viciousness of our law enforcement. Because, dear God, look at who they're fighting! The criminally insane!

Unfortunately for our civil rights, this show will likely be popular. It's got a great plot twist at the end to make you question everything that's happened and why it worked out for the best that her husband got stabbed so much. But there need to be repurcussions for excessive force, including stabbing a detainee in the neck with a pen and threatening to let him bleed out.

FBI using involuntary injections, blacksites, and torture is absolutely unacceptable and so is portraying it in a positive light on mainstream television.

Shame on you, NBC.

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