16 December 2011

Mad As Hell Special Report: Corporate Personhood, When Convenient

Mad As Hell Special Report: Corporate Personhood, When Convenient

Corporate personhood in America: where corporations are people, and because of that, they enjoy the same rights that you and I do as, well, actual living and breathing people. (Absurd, but true.)

We see its effect in politics every day — unlimited campaign donations, opened up by the disastrous Supreme Court decision, Citizens United, polluting our political system more than it already is. Today we want to shed some light on how corporations want the best of both worlds — the ability to enjoy the benefits of personhood when it comes to campaign spending, but when it comes to other legal concerns (like murder or human rights violations) they want to be protected by their corporate status against such liabilities.

If you need an example of this backwards behavior, look no further than the Supreme Court docket itself. One of the biggest and weirdest cases to come before the bench in recent years, Kiobel vs. Royal Dutch Petroleum. The big debate in that case is over the correct interpretation of international law when it comes to corporate liability in suing corporations.

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