08 October 2013

How Hollywood Got 'Captain Phillips' Dead Wrong

How Hollywood Got 'Captain Phillips' Dead Wrong

What you won’t see in the movie trailer and what the mainstream media tends to ignore is why Somali piracy started in the first place: foreign companies are illegally over-fishing Somali waters and dumping large quantities of nuclear and hazardous waste off of Somalia’s coast.

The 2004 tsunami unearthed physical evidence of the crimes as dozens of the once-buried barrels of toxic and nuclear waste washed onto Somalia’s shores, sickening residents with respiratory infections and even death.

We must continue to question Hollywood and the West’s narrative toward the Somali Pirates, and all events of history for that matter. As the Internet continues to crumble decades of mainstream media propaganda, all it takes is a little Googling for one to uncover both sides of the story. In this case, we must ask, had it not been for the toxic actions of the Western world, would the Somali pirates even exist?

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