10 October 2013



Today the Supreme Court is hearing a critical case called McCutcheon v. FEC. In its McCutcheon ruling, the Court could undermine the aggregate limits on how much money a donor can give to candidates each cycle -- and the Court could even remove limits on the size of individual contributions to candidates altogether!

Many of our allied organizations will be joining protests demanding a decision that upholds contribution limits; we adamantly support their efforts.

But we think it's ever important to highlight that even under the status quo legal schema -- and even before Citizens United and SpeechNow -- the outsized influence of private money has corrupted our political system and the outcomes it produces.

In other words, as Lawrence Lessig put it at a recent event with Senator Elizabeth Warren: "Winning in the Supreme Court is not enough." Even if the court upholds aggregate contribution limits — or even if, by some miracle, the court decides to use this election law case to reverse Citizens United — the root problem of dependence corruption remains. To save our democracy, we have to fix that improper dependence by passing a system of citizen-funded elections.

Read more and take action at Rootstrikers.org

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