28 November 2013

JFK: Was He One of the CIA’s “Greatest Hits”?

JFK: Was He One of the CIA’s “Greatest Hits”?

Just days before John Kennedy took office in 1961, President Dwight Eisenhower famously warned about the dangers of its growing “military-industrial complex.” At that time, neither leader could have foreseen how prophetic those words would become.

Today, after half a century of dealing with doubts, thoughtful Americans are returning to the JFK assassination better informed by new research and fresh thinking. As a result, we’re able to support an emerging narrative: the story of a brave president committed to peace who repeatedly resisted intense pressures from ultra-nationalist groups and the national-security establishment—especially the CIA—and paid the ultimate price.

For better and for worse, stories do matter. On so many issues, most of us sense that government officials and corporate media aren’t telling us the truth. Sometimes, though, the tales they tell get way too tall. It’s small wonder that two thirds of Americans doubt the standard story that a “loner” killed JFK and then, two days later, another “loner” shot the killer—and that neither had a good reason. That won’t pass the sniff test.

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