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Using his subpoena power, something that wasn't available to the activists who filed the original complaint against the Grocery Manufacturers, Ferguson uncovered strong evidence that the GMA executed an intentional scheme to sidestep Washington state election law that requires groups raising money for a specific political campaign to reveal the donors. The Grocery Manufacturers Association has actually registered its anti-GMO-labeling political committee with the state, as AG Bob Ferguson's complaint forced them to do today, listing the actual names of the donors and the amounts they've all donated against I-522—PepsiCo in for $1.6 million.

A petition to the Securities and Exchange Commission to require more sunlight around corporate political spending has garnered hundreds of thousands of public comments, and almost all of them are in support of the rule change. Of the 643,599 public comments on the proposal to require that public companies disclose use of corporate resources for political activities to shareholders, more than 99.7 percent were in support of such a rule.

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Do democracy and plutocracy mix? Bill Moyers has spent years digging into the corrosive effects of money and corporate influence on American politics, a well-traveled intersection that has become all the more significant in the aftermath of the 2010 Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling. How far back does the influence go and how much does it corrupt our democracy today? Explore these current issues with help from leading thinkers, investigative journalists and scholars.

Fireworks really start at 12:48 when Elizabeth Warren makes her speech. Larry does not disappoint, either at 22:51.